Head with Many Thoughts
Group Exhibition
14 Feb – 3 June 2020
Vokiečių 2
Vilnius, Lithuania

Self Luminous Society has been invited to present their new installation, 'Booth HQ' and 4 performances on the opening weekend. 'Head with Many Thoughts' brings together a large group of artists spread across all the spaces of the Contemporary Art Center. The exhibition is a polyvocal reflection on time, endings, beginnings, transition and change. It offers no single vision for the future – neither hopeful nor threatening – nor one direction of movement: the present time is marked by a range of simultaneous trajectories and multiple choices.

Our Performances:
14 Feb
7pm Ballyhoo – Introduction to Self Luminous Society
8pm Nappezoid
15 Feb
3pm Ballyhoo – Introduction to Self Luminous Society
6pm It's in the Air

Photo by: Dainius Putinas