Self Luminous Society (SLS) is a group of linguistic-metaphysic-mystical-lunatics. In short, we like to play with words and believe that through word play we can reach the divine with a transcendental state of mind and a beautiful big behind. 

We are an artist-run cooperative gallery, yet not in the typical sense of the word, but in the etymological sense. We are a gallery as a passageway through the reality into a parallel alter-ego-realm of alternative logic. We follow a different algorithm, we flow and go to the all-going-rhythm of the flexicon position. We don’t have FOMO, but MOFLO. We shoot our slogans with slowguns, they fire into your mind these words swirling in an endless mantra repetition. 

We are southern sales associates at your service.

SLS was founded in 2016 and is nomadic, traveling around the world developing products and systems, partnering with various groups and institutions. We are currently 4 members: Slim Denken (The Cosmic Cowboy), Hayne E. Day (The Conscious Caballero), Benny Snouta (The Concept Conspirator), and José (The Contagious Condoctor).